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By guajillomex8402130, Sep 16 2015 07:53PM

Six years ago, Rolando Juarez , Guajillo's co-owner created the "Cachudo Challenge", a burrito eating contest. The challenge was originated with the idea of having fun while enjoying our unique Mexican burritos. Nobody else was doing something similar. On Guajillo's 15th Anniversary we wanted to share are some numbers with you:

- Cachudo is a Spanish word for Diablo or Devil.

- It's 16 inches long

- Weighs around 7lbs.

- More than 350 people have tried it

- Only 30 braves have finished it on time.

- Only 1 woman among the winners.

- You are next! Join us on Saturday at 4pm. Beat the 20 mins record and win a dinner for 2.

By guest, Jun 30 2015 02:16AM

It was fifteen years ago when we opened Guajillo in Arlington. I always had the dream of opening a restaurant, one where people could find the real flavors of my beloved Mexico. I was born in Arlington but I spent every summer of my childhood in Cuernavaca. As I grew up, I would always go for shorter periods of time to learn more about all the traditional cooking of my aunts and nanny Guille.

I wanted to honor my Mexican roots as well as the home style cooking of my family. The best way to do it was by serving Mole Poblano, one of the most representative dishes of Mexican cuisine which rapidly became one of our signature dishes at Guajillo.

Today, after more than a decade of serving the Washington area, we want to celebrate with all our patrons and thank every one of them for all their continuos support.

Join us for our week long celebration. We would love to see your friendly faces!

Karen, Rolando and all the Guajillo staff.

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